How to Write a Killer Application

So you are here and you are interested. You are wondering what to do to get on the phone and start the conversation. Here are some tips that will help you create a killer application.

We look for interesting people

Our process is candidate centric and truly focuses on the person. When we review CVs we are thinking: is this someone that would thrive at Avature? Would they become a top performer? What impact will they have on the company?

Unlike others, we select CVs for company fit, not job fit. So if you are thinking of tailoring your CV to the application, you don’t necessarily need to focus on the job skills, but rather company values.

We look for facts

Traditional CVs focus on responsibilities. And while it’s great to learn someone trusted you with all sorts of different tasks, it is far more interesting to read about actual things that happened. So consider including achievements in your CV instead of responsibilities.

A great CV tells the story of who you are in a way that is truthful and fact-full. You are innovative? Committed? Proactive? All amazing skills! But we prefer to read them between the lines of the story you tell.

We look for mistakes

I’ll go straight to the point: please spell-check your CV. Twice. Three times if possible. Then send it to a friend and have them check for spelling and grammar mistakes twice. Three times if possible.

Attention to detail and striving for quality are really important to us and your resume is your first chance to put these skills on display.

We look for engagement

Our application is quite succinct and only requests a handful of information. You’ll notice that we ask you just one question: How do you think you would provide the most value? This is an opportunity for you to show you did your research. So, showcase your candidate skills and show that you read and understood what we are about.